My Journey

On my horzion…..

Just like the photography industry, as a photographer with some 30 years experience, starting as an enthusiast and then as a paid career, we all adapt to the market and where we are today in the industry as a whole.

My career as a photographer has been like a rollercoaster, with some exciting times from photographing world-class cycle races, motorsport events and travelling the world to capture our beautiful planet.

For the past three years, I have been studying towards my BA Hons degree in photography as the majority of my experiences as a photographer has been self-taught.

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As I head towards graduation and perhaps wishing to move onto an MA in photography, I’m ever closer to my next chapter in my photographic career.

Some 20 years ago, like other photographers, I sold most of my film equipment to fund the new evolution in technology, digital photography.

I realised some time ago this was a big mistake, and as my hair gets, even more, greyer and I plan for an active retirement from commercial, business 2 business life, sitting at a laptop processing images does not appeal to me as much as it use too, as I wish to look after my mental and physical health, wishing to be more active than I have been.

I took the decision some years ago that I wanted to return to film and explore the market of analog and digital fine art photography and publish my journey of my works.

Wanting to share with you at this point what I’m building on within this website. Out goes all the advertising, all the promotion of other people, all the reviews of gear, and in comes my journey, my images, my experiences, my expertise within photography.

So over the next hopefully 25 years, you will see quality, not quantity, 35mm, medium and large-format photography, in the field or in my own darkroom. There will be opportunities for people to join me on my travels, perhaps for coffee in Berlin or a photo walk in New York.

I haven’t abandoned digital and mobile phone photography, which I will share including post-processing, and of course, I will be sharing these image formats as well.

I do hope in these exciting times ahead – whether in the written word, video or with my images – I hope you will join me on my journey.