Large Pillbox – S0001569

Large pillbox. 2 entrances (now blocked). 4 embrasures on each sea-facing side. The top is level with the road, but one area is sunk.[ Possibly small AA gun site].

(Source: Field Visit 1995/12/04)

Unique pillbox with embrasures for 3 rifles and a machine-gun in each of its two beach-flanking faces, and 3 rifle embrasures in the front face. On its roof is a small horseshoe-shaped LAA position.
(Source: Article 1995)

A beach defence pillbox survives in good condition. {1} A large pillbox at the W end of the beach, partly buried. It appears from the protruding bits to be of a non-standard plan – it appears to be large with a semi-hexagonal front.

This pillbox is of a very unique bunker-like design. It was positioned built into the bank at the back of the beach probably to defend the near-by station and level-crossing.

The structure consisted of a three-sided concrete wall 0.65 m thick, behind which was what appeared to be a covered gallery with a width of 1.18 m. There were four embrasures in the two side walls and three in the front wall. The two embrasures on the two front corners of the side walls were very large, probably for housing a heavy machine gun.

The entrances were at either end of the gallery and were reached by steps leading downwards towards the front of the structure. The pillbox was made from coarse pebbly concrete with small beach pebbles embedded into the roof, possibly as camouflage against aircraft.

There is a horseshoe-shaped feature on the roof which could have been a gun position.
(Source: SMR )