Uniformity, dysfunctional, or just not thought through? The rising diagonal from left to right, not only the foliage, the bin

Mixed Messages

Sometimes in life, over time, places have mixed messages. With some Inviting you in, other saying Caution, then others just

Coffee or Chat

These images are a part of an F.E. micro project, reflecting on the relationship in the UK with ourselves and

Large Pillbox – S0001569

Large pillbox. 2 entrances (now blocked). 4 embrasures on each sea-facing side. The top is level with the road, but

Space and the Place

Is less really more, where the interest is primarily lying in the place viewed. This distinction has rarely been made

Space, Place and Memorialisation

Society evolves, for places where we memorialise, for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, should they be diverted into tourist


Exploring the narrative of “Power and the Landscape”. Where is the power, who holds the power?

Conflict, Consequence, Reflection

Present, but hidden, unless you have knowledge of this landscape, the narrative of the past is hidden from your view;