Mark Stothard is a practitioner engaged in visual research whose focus lies in capturing conflicts, their structures, infrastructure, and surrounding environments through a photographic lens. His methodological approach encompasses a multifaceted process involving direct engagement, meticulous observation, adept camera work, printmaking, introspection, and scholarly investigation.

Utilising both digital and film cameras, often relying on available ambient light, Stothard crafts his photographic compositions as ongoing series and standalone images. Notably, his approach deliberately acknowledges and disrupts established landscape conventions.

Stothard’s body of work is organised into cohesive projects that delve into interconnected themes, specifically exploring the intersections between conflict, untamed landscapes, and the impact of imagery on the viewer. Central to his artistic pursuit is the exploration of how the photographed representation of worldly topography evokes emotions, creating an uncannily familiar sense of place. Moreover, his work prompts contemplation on photography’s role as a medium, emphasising its capacity to intensify perception and visual cognition.